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Meet Shotgun Live streaming software

The software

We have partnered with Shotgun Live in Paris who have a high powered streaming app that will allow everybody to have a fully integrated viewing and listening experience.

No downloads, any device

7 Rooms to choose from

We are showing perfomances from multiple venues, countries and continents, so we thought you might like to jump between rooms on demand.

Inbuilt donation platform

We must not forget what this is in aid of so we have made sure to make donating as easy as possible within the app itself.
You can also donate at our dedicate page below.

Live chat and video

Viewers will be able to live chat with other viewers and even upload videos of you and your friends partying, where ever in the world you might be.

1080p Video playback

With the event being pre-recorded, it allows us to make the experience as high quality as possible. So that means we can give you end-to-end 1080p viewing.


We have a demo stream here so you can see what the experience will be like right now

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